Yeah I’m Strong Are You?


It’s Been another week in my quest to get to my $10k per month profit target. Thank you for being by my side as I do this and learning a long with me. I know I will get there especially since I brought in $20k revenue in less than a week all I have to do is follow that blueprint I have created and multiply my success.

I have not launched another killer product yet because I am off to sunny Jamaica next week and I want to get away from the clutter of a computer and the virtual noise just to clear my head get clarity and come back to absolutely smash it. I have some great idea’s that I cannot wait to share with you all.

[WEEK 2] – Should I Reveal All Live?


Another week has passed on my $10,000 per month challenge. Last week was amazing I broke the $20k sales revenue mark so was extremely happy and everyone is loving the software we launched.

Also if you know me well you know I love to party too so check out my picture from a birthday halloween party below. 

I thought is was a cool picture so wanted to throw that in there lol. But anyway back to the real reason you are here… BUSINESS!!

Well this week has mainly been focused on educating myself and brainstorming ways on how I can better deliver great value and content to you all. I have come up with some pretty cool idea’s so would love to know your feedback on one of them if its a good idea or if its a load of bullsh*t lol.

Zero to $19,677.26 In Only Six Days [PROOF INSIDE]


If you read my post last week you would know I made some mistakes that I told you you should try to avoid at all cost I was in desperate need to do something different and I did! If you haven’t read last weeks post you NEED TO… You don’t want to fall into that trap like I did.


I decided to start a $10,000 dollar challenge. This is my 1st week and I am going to share with you the results I got and how you can do exactly the same this week and probably get better results because I made so many mistakes. But I was still blown away by it.

I F**ked Up! Make Sure You Don’t Do This


I am laying on my girlfriends bed with the light dimmed writing this post because I feel the need to share with you some things that have happened to me on my internet business journey and how I have truly f**ked up! And how you can avoid the same mistake. (Sorry for my French I know my mum will kill me for this post lol).

This journey has been a crazy roller coaster of a ride but I would not trade it in for the world. This year alone I have been able to take my girlfriend to Barcelona for a surprise birthday present, take my little brother (who will be joining me in business) on a wild drunken holiday to Ayia Napa Cyprus and before the shit fully hit the fan I paid off my holiday to Jamaica which is happening in about 31 days.  ;)

Chantelle & I in Barcelona

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Lets Set Up Your Funnel And Get You Paid TODAY!

Hey guys and gals,

By the end of this post if you take action you will have a highly targeted marketing funnel ready to build your list and start collecting paypal payments TODAY!

Now that being said…

Good Morning (or afternoon or night) Well for me I have just got out of bed at my girlfriends and jumped onto the laptop (I have brushed my teeth, lol). I was sitting here thinking I haven’t done a blog post in awhile so I was thinking what value can I give to you today to help you move forward.

Now if you have gone through my free coaching (CLICK HERE TO GET IT) you will know the importance of building a list and offering a paid product to them on the back end.. Now from the emails I have been getting from a few of you you are struggling to come up with a product to make or what value you can provide.

This Is Blocking Your Success [PART 1]

Today I’m going to share with you some of the
hardest hitting content you will find – read this
email very carefully.

But If You have not yet seen the training video I
I shot for you VIEW IT HERE it explains why you
insane ;)

But Back to today!

Here are 3 nasty things that are blocking your
success right now…

…and they will keep you from succeeding in
the future.

Changing directions every week to follow the
newest Bright Shiny Object.

Not spending your time doing the most
important things.

Not building your list every day.
Today we are going to tackle problem #1, and let’s
save the rest for later.

In order to succeed online you must have a strong
single focus.

You can’t be jumping from idea to idea because you
will never get traction in your business.

You Are Insane

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Internet Marketing Is Simple

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How To Launch A Product Without Ever Creating One

Hey Folks,

**Firstly this post is part 2 of how I got to my 1st $407 day Click Here For Part 1**

I have found from talking to a lot of people that the most common road block people face when it comes to launching a product is actually coming up with a product to offer. You can outsource a development of software but we all know that cost bucks and when starting out there isn’t much spare cash to get something developed but there is another way that most people over look. We will get to that so read on.

But firstly oh what an amazing week I have had really its been f***ing cool.. I got drunk and partied hard for my girlfriends birthday (Add me on Facebook to see the pics) then thanks to this IM (Internet Marketing) stuff I was able to surprise my girlfriend to lovely getaway to Barcelona.