Tom Calls BS! Macdonald’s Have It Wrong

So it has been a little while since I updated the blog and my $5k challenge but I am on target.

I will be releasing a powerful wordpress plugin that will help people bank more cash online but before I get into that I have to address my “friend” Tom (probably a fake name as he hides behind his computer).

He messaged telling me that I am full of Bullshit by trying to show you how I aim to hit my target online.

This was because I gave people the opportunity to join my membership program. He stated that I was making money from selling people all the tools to make money and that was just Bullshit (his words).

This is Tom

This is Tom

So I guess all franchises have it wrong.

It’s Late But The Transvestite Was Interesting? [Day 9]

I know I know I was supposed to write this two days ago.

That has been one of my major issues! My time management skills have always been horrible and I procrastinate like an absolute pro.

As I write this I am in a Regus Business Lounge sat opposite a transvestite eating her/his transvestitelunch and he/she reinforced an unconventional lesson for me. (I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I’m not sure how best to address the person)

Always be yourself!… He wants to dress like a woman so he does and that is non of our business.

I love being myself so I want to talk to you like you and I are friends having a drink in a bar speaking frankly and honestly so if I want to swear because I have drank one too many brandy’s then who gives a shit as long as what I say is valuable in some way.

Damn I Messed Up! Now There Is A Gun To My Head…

And you have your finger on the trigger!


Life can be difficult if you have ever attempted to build a business. Whether it is online or off you know how much of a crazy roller coaster of emotions it is. The only problem with this roller coaster is that there is no track in sight so you don’t know when the ups and the downs are coming.

But boy do they come. They always come!..

Sorry! How rude of me, my mind is in such a whirlwind at the moment that I forgot to introduce myself.

I’m Jouvan Johnson and you have landed on my blog where you are about to be part of something very special.

I’m an internet entrepreneur from the UK and I suffer from what I believe to be a blessing and a curse that has forced me to start all over again.  From Scratch.